Personalised Memorial Gifts: Honouring Loved Ones with Heartfelt Remembrance

Losing a loved one is a deeply emotional journey, and finding the right way to remember and celebrate their life can provide solace during these challenging times. Personalised memorial gifts offer a comforting way to pay tribute to a departed friend or family member. In this guide, we'll explore various options for personalised memorial gifts, including custom memorial wall art, sympathy gift ideas and memorial keepsakes for pets.


Remembrance Poem Print

A Remembrance Poem Print is a touching way to convey your sympathy and remember a loved one. Use a vibrant image to add some colour and thoughtful text beside it.  The text can be a personal reading from the funeral or a poem to help give strength when they need it most.  This beautiful piece of art serves as a constant reminder of the love and memories shared and that life goes on but that doesn't mean they will be forgotten.

Personalised Memorial Gifts | Remembrance Poem Print


The Night Sky Star Map Print

Memorialising a loved one through art can be a therapeutic and beautiful process. Consider a Night Sky Star Map Print.  Star maps recreate the appearance of the night sky on a specific date as viewed from a chosen location.  Paired with a poem such as 'Our Brightest Star in the Sky', it becomes a one-of-a-kind tribute to their lost loved one and a unique way to remember their brightest star in the sky.

Personalised Memorial Gifts | The Night Sky Star Map Print


Song Lyrics Print

You know that song that reminds you of them everytime you hear it?  Capture it and have it ready to listen to with a Song Lyrics Print.  Designed to bring comfort and fond memories, use your favourite photo of them, the one that captures their beauty and personality.  Then, layer it with the lyrics of their song.  But what makes a print like this truly special is adding a QR code.  The code will play the song when scanned so that they can listen to it anytime they want or need to hear it. This is a truly thoughtful keepsake that can provide solace when they need it most.

Personalised Memorial Gifts | Song Lyrics Print


What Do You Get Your Mum When She Loses Her Mum?

Losing a parent is an incredibly challenging experience, and supporting your mother during this time is essential. Consider personalised memorial gifts that are simple but hold deeply sentimental value.  A moon phase wall art print will be a striking piece of art to be displayed in the home but hold special meaning to her.  It mirrors the moon's phase from a particular night, perhaps the night she lost her beloved mum. But it also allows you to infuse it with your personal message of love and support. She can think of her mum everytime she looks at the particular moon phase and remember that you are there for her with open arms.

Moon Phase Wall Art | Personalised Memorial Gifts


What Do You Give Someone Who Had a Miscarriage?

Offering support to someone who has experienced a miscarriage is crucial, as it is a deeply emotional and often challenging time.  After a pregnancy or infant loss, many parents wrestle with finding ways to honor their baby and keep his or her memory alive. The desire to maintain a connection to the baby is a normal and healthy part of grieving. Help them keep the baby’s memory alive at home with a simplistic personalised print. They can choose a designated wall or bookshelf for their baby and display their print to give them a lasting reminder of their angel baby who will always be in their hearts.

Personalised Miscarriage Gifts | Bereavement Gifts for Parents



Pet Memorial Gifts

A pet can be an incredibly difficult loss.  They are seen as part of the family and it can be just as distressing as losing any other loved one.  When the time is right they will be ready to remember the happy memories they shared with their beloved pet and a watercolour pet portrait can provide a heartfelt gesture of support during this difficult time. You can customise the artwork to include the name of their lost pet, creating a lasting tribute.

Watercolour Pet Portrait | Pet Memorial Gifts


In conclusion, personalised memorial gifts offer a compassionate and meaningful way to remember, and honour loved ones who have passed away. Whether it's a remembrance poem print or a simple keepsake print, personalized tributes can provide comfort and solace during times of grief and loss. They serve as enduring reminders of the love and cherished memories shared with those who are no longer with us.